"Houston was able to bond with the students very quickly"

Houston was awesome!! Very entertaining, funny, inspiring and delivered an important an impactful message regarding kindness! Both staff and students were very impressed. The presentation was about 1.20hr long and even at the very end of the presentation students were still engaged and listening to Houston - which is saying a LOT!!

Feedback from a staff member was that Houston's presentation was the best and most relevant presentation that she has ever been a part of during her 15 years of teaching at middle school!!
Our professional development committee is even inquiring on costs etc. as Houston has been proposed as the speaker / facilitator for an upcoming fall professional day that will involve the planning, creating, and implementation of our Belonging / Connectedness school goal.

Our student workshop on the second afternoon was very valuable - and Houston was able to bond with the students very quickly and well in a short amount of time - having a big influence on their thinking. I would have loved to have Houston here for a whole day workshop so that we could have went into more of the 8 descriptors for LOVE.

Jaci Guignard - Dr. Knox Middle School, Kelowna, Canada - Counselor