Post-Event Resources

Thank you so much for having me to your event! I'm really grateful that I got to connect with your crew and hopefully our time together was filled with purpose, fun, and Love. In my experience, here are a few ways that I have found to help sustain my message and continue to promote a culture of kindness long after I'm gone...

CharacterStrong Curriculum Supplement

CharacterStrong is my way of holding your staff and students accountable long after I've left. I believe that events can often make us feel good for a few days, but real change happens when we build habits of good in our life. So, alongside a bunch of smart young people and educators, we built CharacterStrong - a workout program for your heart. Download the free app for daily, practical ways to exercise kindness, compassion, empathy, honesty, and more. And make sure to check out our full year curriculum supplement! 32 weeks of practical challenges & reflections that give your student body or leadership team daily ways to live the message and not just listen to it. 

Follow Up Activities

I have been a part of the camp staff at Mt. Adams Leadership Camp (a part of Washington State's Student Leadership program) for over 10 years. At camp, we spend a lot of time doing experiential learning because it tends to stick. It is a fun way to create meaningful connections and facilitate powerful conversations. Here are a few activities that connect well with my presentations.


A great way to be reminded of the message is to wear it. Super soft shirts and sweatshirts that hold people accountable - when anyone buys a shirt, they are added to our mailing list so they get updates, positive stories, and gentle, loving nudges to be the best version of themselves. Go to the Choose Love Store HERE.

See you again?

I offer follow up workshops, presentations, and keynotes. I have found that being a familiar face in the building and following up with a consistent message has worked incredibly well in other buildings. I have worked over 16 times in the past 3 years with a school in Sedro-Woolley, WA and continue to build meaningful relationships with staff and students. Since I started with them, we've worked together to increase their building's attendance & grades while maintaining a continual drop in referrals and tardies. I also have worked successfully across districts - creating a vertical message through Middle Schools, High Schools, Curriculum Developers, Building Leadership, and Staff. Let's find a way to continue to work together and create something truly long-lasting! If not me, please don't hestitate to ask for recommendations. I have a lot of friends in the speaking world who are incredibly talented and full of goodness to deliver to your next event.

Thank you again for allowing me to be a part of your event. Don't forget to sign up for my newsletter below - I promise they will be full of value for you!

With Love,