Hello Amazing Parents!

I always love the opportunity to connect with passionate parents when I am working in your child's school. For the conversation to continue into the classroom AND the living room is the only way this stuff sticks! So, here are a few resources...

Click HERE to download the 10 Home-Mandments.

Click HERE to download all of the slides from the presentation.

Here are some links to the books I talked about:

CharacterStrong // love IN ACTION

Think of CharacterStrong as a workout program for your heart. When we practice building our character, we are putting love into action. That's what CharacterStrong is all about - sending daily reminders with practical ideas on how to put kindness, respect, honesty, and more into ACTION. Daily practice in building these skills and developing real relationships should be our habit!

More than a Movement, It's a Lifestyle

The Choose love movement

My goal has never been to inspire people for just a day. My goal is to inspire a lifestyle - one rooted in character, compassion, and a consistent desire to choose to love people around us (even when that choice is scary, inconvenient, or hard). So WEAR THE MESSAGE and be reminded often to live it in your life.

Again - a huge thank you for showing up. Let me know how I can serve.

With Love,