Houston Kraft


I have been speaking professionally for 5 years. In total, I've had the opportunity to work with nearly 400 schools, events, and businesses across 24 different states and Canada.

I would love to visit everyone at Microsoft and talk about creating an intentional mindset, showing up with positive intent, and growing in our capacity to work as a team. My hope, in any engagement I am a part of, is help to create a culture of compassion, positivity, and sustainable, thoughtful growth.

I'm grateful for the potential opportunity to spend time with y'all. My friend Jenn thought to pass along my name and she is someone I respect and love and I would be so excited to deliver something awesome for the people she works alongside.

My time with you would be a mixture of stories and experiential activities that can be customized to your timeframe and your needs. I can talk about and create experiences around the following ideas:

  • Living Intentionally
  • Growth Mindset/Positive Mindset
  • Creating A Culture of High Expectations
  • Building A Meaningful, Well-Connected Team
  • Showing Up with Character & Competence
  • Servant Leadership
  • Communicating Thoughtfully & Efficiently
  • Active Listening
  • Building A Better Product and A Better World

Let me know how I can best serve Microsoft.


Where I've Been Recently...

What People Are Saying...

At the beginning of each new month, the entire sales team gathers for a “kick-off” meeting, usually about 70 men and women. We have used different ways to motivate and inspire our Salespeople and discussed having a guest speaker come in, specifically someone not in the automobile business.
We came into contact with Houston Kraft- a young man nationally known as a motivational speaker, who agreed to come and speak to the group on Monday, December 1st, 2014.
He immediately got the entire team involved in an activity that got them up and moving, talking laughing and interacting, thereby getting their energy up.
For about 20 minutes, using stories and personal car-buying experience, he spoke of the need to show customers that we care, not just that we want to sell them something. He effectively drove home the idea that when customers know we care about them as individuals, not just as customers, before and after the sale, they will buy and keep coming back.
Houston engaged the entire group from start to finish and ended with a gentle but powerful nudge to focus on making others feel valued so as to earn their trust, which is the basis for the long-term relationship all businesses desire to create and maintain with all their customers.
We would highly recommend Houston Kraft to any business desirous of hosting a speaker that will get their people focused on making personal connections with customers and making them feel special, thereby earning their trust and continued patronage.
John Mallia
General Manager, Bill Dodge Auto Group