Our team is looking for 5-7 smart, creative, passionate & KIND humans to help up take the Choose Love brand to the next level & create a larger impact in hearts around the world.


If you would describe yourself as accountable, driven, caring, and eager to make a positive impact - then this will be the experience for you! The internship is 6 months long, beginning March 17th/18th (for a 2 day retreat) through the end of September.

Although the internship is unpaid, you can expect all kinds of free Choose Love gear, ownership over incredible projects, hands-on entrepreneurial experience, connections to other difference-makers and influencers in the social impact space, and ongoing mentorship from Houston Kraft and the Choose Love Team.


  • Must be 17+
  • Preferably lives in the Greater Los Angeles area
  • Must be available to meet Mondays
  • 2-4 hours a week to work on assignments

Please send to: interns@houstonkraft.com by February 18th, 2018.

  • Resume
  • In your email, tell us 5 sentences about you and why you are applying.
  • In your 5 sentences, tell us which one of the descriptions below you would be most interested in.

CharacterStrong Workout Manager

Help manage our brand spankin new CharacterStrong App (that will now be on iOS, Android, and Web-based)! Help create daily opportunities for people to engage in the practice of building their character, celebrate their success, and partner with epic people to create new workout plans for a better world.

Skills: Character-focused, disciplined, creative, copywriting, communicative, social media

Choose Love Movement Manager

Are you passionate about helping people through practical resources and super good-looking products? Well you’re in the right place. We are launching a new project this year based on our popular Choose Love and Make Kindness Normal shirts - but we are ready to take the Choose Love Movement to the next level. Help create amazing products, partnerships, and practices.

Skills: Product marketing, product development, supply chain management, creativity, passion for design, communicative, social media

A Year of Fear Coordinator

Are you a self-improvement junkie and love doing things that make you terrified while making you grow as a human being? Join Houston in his latest project, A Year of Fear, by capturing crazy and inspiring moments on film, reflecting on paper, and participating in projects that will elevate your street cred and open you up to more compassion.

Skills: Copywriting, video editing, photo editing, videography, willing to be uncomfortable, adventurous, self-improvement junkie

CharacterStrong Gym Builder

Are you a current or future educator that wants to help support teachers by providing experiential learning activities, inspiring video clips, and powerful lessons? This will be all fun and games - with purpose. You will be working to build a library of amazing tools to support our curriculums that are in schools globally.

Skills: Gregarious, outspoken, playful, creative, summer camp experience, desire to teach or facilitate in some way, curriculum writing, likes film/inspiration

Day of Love Event Coordinator

Do you want to help people experience connection, meaning, and service first-hand? Do you love bringing people together for transformational moments? This will be an experience in event and people planning to create an incredible day in LA that allows people to go on a journey of character-building and Love.

Skills: Event management, creative, communicative, detail-oriented, enthusiastic about connecting people and purpose