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If you are looking for a speaker or trainer who can connect through comedy, storytelling, and authenticity - Houston Kraft is your guy. Houston has worked with nearly 600 schools, events, conferences, and companies across the country and is passionate about helping people create lives filled with compassion, character, purpose, and love. But it's not just about motivation - it's about creating cultures through storytelling, experiences, and hands-on tools that leave lasting and sustainable change.

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Working alongside his dear friend and mentor John Norlin, Houston and his team have built curriculums and trainings to sustain the message well beyond the assembly or event. CharacterStrong is a suite of curriculums that provide opportunities to be proactive in our choices and our relationships.

Built around the ideas of Stephen Covey, alongside Robert Greenleaf & James Hunters’ model of “servant-leadership,” CharacterStrong is rooted in the belief that the most effective and influential people are those that are willing to serve the people and world around them and build habits of character in their life.

We shape our character – the skills that make us better people and more effective leaders – through consistent, intentional practice. Over time, our character becomes strong & our ability to make this world a more caring, loving place increases.

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ChooseLove.org was born out of a desire to make the practice of Love exciting, simple, and tangible to people of all ages and backgrounds. In its infancy, Choose Love began as "The Day of Love" - a summer event filled with connection once a year.

It has since expanded here - to this community of passionate people who believe in a better world and are ready to put in the work to make it happen.

Every month, we take a piece of the massive idea of Love and dig in to it through stories, questions, interviews, and practices so that we can LIVE Love better. We believe that the world is changed by people and people are changed through reflection, exercise, community, and accountability.

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