Love is Little

My mom used to write me a note every day and pack it in my lunch. Over the years, I threw a lot of them away, but I held on to some of them because they served as simple reminders that I was loved. Sometimes they had inspirational quotes she had looked up that morning. Sometimes they had an SAT word of the day. Sometimes they just had a little note of how much she loved me. My mom is an amazing lady and has done an infinite number of things to support me over the years - but the post-its in my lunch everyday stands out. She took time to write one every morning. 

There is something profound about being consistently loved. Even the smallest note - scratched out before she would throw in a bag of Jalapeño chips - adds up over time and those little notes became a BIG representation of how relentlessly my mom wanted to know I was loved.

What if we were relentless in showing love to the people around us in our community? What if we put 2-5 minutes of energy into a little act of LOVE once a day?

So here you go! Another opportunity to PRACTICE LOVE. Download this, print it out, cut it up, and write a few notes today for people to find in their locker, their desk, their bag, their lunch.

Sometimes it is the littlest acts of LOVE that most fill our big hearts. Do something little in LOVE today.

Choose Love,


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