Strong In Love.

I love working with young kids. So often, they know exactly how to take the things we overcomplicate and simplify them into something that we understood all along but forget how to say.

For example, there’s this little dude named Oliver. He is 7. I’ve worked at his school twice now, and both times he has struck me as a profound soul. I spent the morning with about 100 elementary students and their parents at a unique school called Edmonds Heights K-12 that pairs classroom teaching with parent assistance to empower the flexibility of homeschooling with the added benefits of a class, teachers, and a community.

We talked about love and why it was weird and confusing, but also about how to practice making people laugh, speaking up for others who don’t always have a voice, and giving love to the people who sometimes aren’t very nice to us first. We talked about how, in order to really grow in Love, we have to do challenging things - and sometimes the harder it is to be kind to someone, the stronger we get because we are doing a really heavy kindness kurl. 

And on this topic, I asked,

“Why do you think it is important to be strong at Love?”

Oliver, his hair flopping around, throws his hand into the air.

“Yes, Oliver?”
“Because I want to break things, not people.” 

This dude is a little Buddha, I swear.

Oliver wants to use his strength to break boards or break records - he doesn’t want to “break people.” 

And that’s what hatred or harassment or cruelty or bullying or apathy can do sometimes. Words can break peoples’ spirit. Betrayal can break peoples’ hearts. Loneliness can break peoples’ hope. Some people use their strength - their superiority or their privilege or their group mentality to overwhelm or push other people down. But not Oliver - Oliver wants to use his strength to pick people up.

Why do you want to be strong in Love?


Throwback Thurs(Any)Day: Ask your parents to show you their childhood photos and try not to laugh at the mullets. Ask questions and listen to ridiculous and terrifying and inspiring stories.

The Name Game: Have a competition with your friends to see how many names you can learn by the end of the day.

Custodial Cookies: Gather a group of friends and bake cookies for the custodial staff. Spend some time after school tomorrow delivering it to them.

I see you flexin' - and it looks good! 

Choose Love,


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