Making Time

What if, instead of fussing over your hair or checking Instagram or playing Pokemon today, you took those few extra minutes and did something in Love?

Here is the average day for a teenager:


What are we doing with that extra 1.7 hours each day? Where do want to put our hearts and our energy? The time exists every day to make a difference - we just have to be WILLING to MAKE that time count. So, here are three more challenges - each that will take you 5 minutes or less - to MAKE TIME for Love today.


TODAY: Write 5 coupons for your family that can be redeemed at any time. Things like "Good for one Family Day," "Good for one dinner shopping, cooking, and clean up," or "Cash this in for one question where you can ask me ANYTHING and I have to answer sincerely and honestly." I don't know what coupons work in your home - make them personal!
TONIGHT: Write a list of 5 things you are grateful for and why. The exercise of writing and reflecting on what we are grateful for is proven to make you healthier and happier. If you are really excited, keep the list next to your bed or on your phone and add to once a day or week.
TOMORROW: Donate one item to the clothing or food bank tomorrow. If you are going for an advanced workout, write a thank you and deliver it to one of the employees or managers who help operate these local charities!

Time is precious - let's make it purposeful, too.

Choose Love,


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