Hey, It's Me Again.

A few days ago, I sent you some tools to PRACTICE LOVE. Sorry to be a nag, but as my friend John tells me,

"We need to be REMINDED more than we need to be TAUGHT."

Accountability is key to this whole growth thing. And if we want to be better leaders, we need people in our life to remind us to practice and to do the little things that are easily skipped, passed over, or put at the bottom of our list.

So, here is a set of COMPLIMENT MADLIBS to get you going. The art of complimenting others is the skill of seeing goodness in other people and having the vocabulary and authenticity to communicate it to them. Copy & Paste the text into a message or save the image and share it on the 'Gram or the 'Book. Fill in the blanks in your caption and tag someone you want to send a little kindness to today.

We only get better at this stuff when we take time to PRACTICE, so let's get to work.

Compliment MADLIBS // Fill in the Blanks.

You know why I love you? It's partially your (blank), but it's mostly your (blank). I love you more than a (blank) loves (blank).

I'm glad that you're my (blank). No one could compare to the way you (blank). I'm so lucky that you bring (blank) into my world.

You mean more to me than (blank). You bring (blank) into my life & take away all the (blank). Thank you for being so filled with (blank).       

Let's #makekindnessnormal by being the kind of people that practice it in our everyday lives. 

Choose Love,


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