Thank you.

So, we had an awesome couple of hours together. We talked about things that are important and challenging.  I hope my stories and ideas were inspirational, but I also know this:

INSPIRATION without APPLICATION is just a bunch of good FEELINGS.

Unfortunately, good FEELINGS don't change our school or the world. Good ACTIONS do. So, now it's time to get to WERK WERK WERK WERK WERK.

Here is your first CHOOSE LOVE 48 hour workout plan.


Here are 3 ways you can PRACTICE LOVE over the next 24 hours

TODAY: Write a note to someone you live with and put it somewhere they will find it in the morning. The note should include at least 2 specific things you appreciate or love about them and an encouragement to have an awesome day. You can sign your name or leave it anonymous - up to you!
TONIGHT: There are lots of ways to practice LOVE - through honesty, kindness, respect, humility, forgiveness, commitment, patience, selflessness, and a whole lot more. Out of those 8 words, a few questions to answer for yourself: 1) Which one do you need the most work on and why? 2) Which one do you feel like you are good at and how do you show it to yourself or others? 3) Which one do you look for or look up to in other people and why is that important to you?
TOMORROW: Send a detailed thank you via text or email to your advisor who helped put this together or showed up to volunteer. Let them know at least 1 specific thing that you learned and how you will use it during this year in your position or role as a leader on campus. Most importantly, tell them WHY you are grateful they are your advisor!

DOWNLOAD CharacterStrong.

The workout program for your heart <3

CharacterStrong will send you a daily push notification with a simple, practical way to exercise LOVE. Currently only available for iOS - but if you don't have an iOS device, you can always find the dares HERE.

  • A range of difficulties to help build effective habits from the ground up
  • Follow your friends to hold them accountable and encourage them
  • Track your character progress by earning points for each dare you complete
  • Be reminded with daily push notifications
  • Reflect on your experience & read inspirational stories
  • Shareable images and quotes that can be sent directly to your Instagram

I'm grateful for young people like you who are going to make your school and this world a better place. Let me know how I can help.

Choose Love,


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