Hello CASL Friends!

I'm truly humbled and excited that I got to speak to you and your students at CASL - I've been looking forward to that stage since I first started speaking. I'm even more excited about the possibility of coming and spending some more time with y'all in your schools. Check out some resources below and please don't hesitate to drop me a note with any questions! 


What does love & character in leadership look like?

Think of CharacterStrong as a workout program for your heart. When we practice building our character, we are putting love into action. That's what CharacterStrong is all about - sending daily reminders with practical ideas on how to put kindness, respect, honesty, and more into ACTION. Activities are important, but our character creates real change on your campus (and in your student leaders' hearts). Daily practice in building these skills and developing authentic relationships is going #onemoremile.

Marketing Materials to Cultivate a Culture of Kindness

Posters for your school - challenges for your leaders

We've created a series of posters that are relevant to my message. When I come to visit a school, I want to make sure that I'm leaving behind a conversation and tools for sustainable change - not just a few good days of "feeling inspired." The posters are formatted for 11x17 paper and would look quite lovely posted around your school to serve as conversation starters before the event and great reminders for after it. The smaller images are business card sized - great for a quick challenge.

More than a Movement, It's a Lifestyle

The Choose love movement

My goal has never been to inspire people for just a day. I was ASB President in high school, Class President in college, and have served as a Counselor for 10 years at a leadership camp that I attended as a delegate. My goal is to inspire a lifestyle - one rooted in character, compassion, and a consistent desire to choose to love people around us (even when that choice is scary, inconvenient, or hard). Each summer, my wife Harley and Iwork with students and staff from schools I've spoken at to create conversations and tools to help sustain the message. Sometimes, it's a day long workshop with passionate young people talking about what students need in schools. Sometimes, it's a Day of Love dedicated to practicing kindness and creating joy in other peoples' lives. 

Again - a huge thank you for your passion to create thoughtful, passionate, kind leaders. I can't wait to be a part of continued change on on your campus. Please contact me so I can serve you all with a keynote, staff presentation, parent evening, full day experience, or leadership workshop - I want to help make amazing things happen at your school!

With Love,