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In Stephen Covey’s “The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People,” Covey shares that the first (perhaps most important) habit is to “Be Proactive.” He believes that our choices are the primary determining factor of success and effectiveness in our lives.

It is hard to refute – each day we are surrounded by thousands of choices that drive our life forward for better or for worse. CharacterStrong is a full year of opportunities to be proactive in our choices – a full year of simple ideas of how to be people of character and action.

Built around the ideas of Stephen Covey, alongside Robert Greenleaf & James Hunters’ model of “servant leadership,” CharacterStrong is rooted in the belief that the most effective and influential people are those that are willing to serve the people and world around them and build habits of character in their life.

We shape our character – the skills that make us better people and more effective leaders – through consistent, intentional practice. Over time, our character becomes strong & our ability to make this world a more caring, loving place increases.

Character is built on the thousands of choices we make everyday. Sometimes, it is hard to think about all those choices and all the possibilities of what other choices COULD be made. We all want to be kinder, more patient, more honest people - but what choices do we need to make to build those skills in our life? We know what respect and humility are - but how do we actually get BETTER at them? CharacterStrong is a like a gym for your heart. The website has lots of great free resources as well as information about our full year curriculum supplement - a full school year of tangible, practical, habit forming challenges that effectively build skills of Love and character in your life.