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"Creating A Culture That Cares"


"Culture eats strategy for breakfast." -Peter Drucker

This training delivers inspiration, practical tools, and systems we've seen or developed along the way that create great culture. We know that you have a lot on your plate, so we provide a framework, resources, and a step-by-step process to weave character, relationship-building, and compassion into what you are already doing.

Our team of presenters have spoken to a combined 700 schools or events across the country and have decades of experience in and out of the classroom.

What Is Included?

  • In-depth training on a servant-leadership model used successfully in schools and Fortune 500 companies globally.

  • Instructional techniques on how to build a sustaining character-based program that gives heart to what you're already doing and an intentional approach to change the climate of your school & students lives from the inside out.

  • Numerous resources, classroom management tools, and experiential learning activities that intentionally connect the servant-leadership model and key leadership principles taught in the CharacterStrong Curriculums.

  • For those purchasing the Leadership or Advisory curriculums - a walkthrough of the lesson plans and how to teach them effectively.

  • A workbook that includes reference materials, lessons, and notes.

Who Should Attend?

  • School administrators, leadership teachers, activities coordinators, coaches, counselors, club advisers, or any influential staff members.

"The training was an incredible integration of many teaching styles and applicable techniques for the classroom. It is great to get administrators there also to look to incorporate similar bonding and relationship techniques for the teachers. The stories delivered were well performed and carried a weighted message which was stellar."
-Tristana Leist, Gonzaga University

CharacterStrong Curricula


A character development curriculum that provides 35 lessons per grade at the middle school level and 25 lessons for each grade at the high school level. Each lesson is 30-40 minutes focused on character development and social and emotional skills with videos, activities, and more. Built for any teacher to be able to click-and-go with little-to-no prep needed.

Advisory Implementation Models
6th-8th Scope and Sequence
9th-12th Scope and Sequence
Daily Lesson Model Overview
Detailed Secondary Scope and Sequence


A servant-leadership and character development curriculum which is being used by thirty year veterans and first year leadership teachers alike, providing a roadmap to positively impact student lives and school climate and culture. Student leaders will be transformed personally and do amazing things to the culture of your school.

Semester Scope and Sequence
GLE's and Evidence of Learning
Principal Eval and Course Description