Who: Houston Kraft, Harley Alexander, African Promise Expeditions, and YOU!

Dates: Late June to Early July 2018

Where: Uganda, Africa

Our friend Tyler sharing Love in Tanzania!

Our friend Tyler sharing Love in Tanzania!

What: Join Houston Kraft and African Promise Expeditions as they travel to Uganda, Africa for the first ever Choose Love Movement event in Africa. During your two week visit to Uganda, you will have the opportunity to serve and build lasting connections within cross-cultural communities. In addition, you will spend time with Houston Kraft as he facilitates leadership development for you and African students handpicked to participate in this leadership summit. Engage in meaningful humanitarian work as you partner with Africans to meet their specific needs and come home transformed!

Cost: $3500 plus airfare

Ages: 15-20

About African Promise Expeditions: 

African Promise Expeditions, led by Suzy Benson Gillies, is a highly respected organization that partners with Ugandan communities to serve the needy and poor in Uganda while learning about and experiencing the beautiful Ugandan culture.  APE's philosophy centers on the idea that we are reciprocal learners and both the American participants and Ugandans have important things to learn from each other. 

Website:  http://www.africanpromiseexp.com/

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