2 Weeks Out

I'm really excited to connect with your crew and make our time together meaningful and memorable. With 400 events and counting under my belt, here is what I've found to help make our day MOST successful...

In the weeks leading up to the event

Showing videos created by the Choose Love Movement is a great way to open up conversations that set the stage for my message. Two of my favorite videos are Mirror & Perspectacles. They both discuss the importance of Kindness through stories about social media and empathy and have some activities and debrief questions pre-made for you to facilitate some awesome conversations. Here are few more awesome VIDEOS as well. 

Choose Love Gear

Even if you don't go with a class set (which is an option!) the Choose Love shirts are a great way to advertise the message before and after the event. You can check out the gear HERE.

Again - a huge thank you for allowing me to be a part of your event. I can't wait to be there.

With Love,