One Week Out

The countdown is on! One week until we get to spend the day together! Here are few ways to maximize the message...

Staff Buy In

I've put together a letter to the staff at your school to let them know how much I appreciate them being flexible in their class schedule and for their belief in having consistent messages of kindness on campus. You can share that letter with them by downloading it HERE.

Poster hanging

We've created a series of posters that are relevant to my message. They are formatted for 11x17 paper and would look quite lovely posted around your school to serve as conversation starters before the event and great reminders for after it.

You can find posters for the definitions of the 8 elements of character (that CharacterStrong is based on) below. The second set of posters are quotes from my keynote - good summaries of some of the stories and messages. The more people see it and reflect on it, the harder it is to forget about!

Logistical reminders


  • 60 minutes of speaking time during the assembly (mid morning is preferred - no one likes the 7:30 assembly time!)
  • 30-45min break to say hi students and setup for workshop. 
  • 60-90 minutes with 30-60 student leaders (this can be leadership class students or students that staff has identified as influential on campus).


  • A wireless mic with fresh batteries.
  • Screen and projector that I can plug my laptop into, viewable by all students (this is optional, but always nice to have if possible!)
  • Access to a sound system that I can play music through as students enter
  • Screen, projector, and audio that I can plug my laptop into is necessary for the workshop. Ideally, the space we are in also has space to move around a bit the workshop participants for some hands-on activities.


  • I will arrive 30 minutes prior to my first presentation.
  • If in a gym, having all students seated on one side is the best case scenario (even if it means some are seated on the floor or on chairs).
  • Having staff amongst the students always helps hold kids accountable to be on their best behavior - and gives the staff the opportunity to hear the message so they can take it back to their classrooms and debrief or reflect alongside their students


  • I will work with a student or staff member to introduce me when I arrive. If someone at your event has seen me somewhere else - they are usually the best bet to introduce me - personal connection is the best! You can download my introduction HERE.

With Love,